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Liz Langham, MS, CPDT-KA
239 Mountfort Rd.
North Yarmouth, ME 04097
207 837 1613
When I adopted my tiny terrier rescue I was told that she got along fine with other dogs, with people, with cats. Two days after we brought her home she turned into Cujo - terribly reactive to dogs, and she hated my grown son. Since she was not well, returning her was not an option. I called Tree Frog Farm in a panic, and I remember well what Liz told me: "The dog you have now is not the same dog you will have in four months." We signed up.
During those four months Liz provided opportunities for Holly to be around other dogs in safe and controlled classes. She gave me the knowledge to understand Holly and to help her, and Holly learned. Sure enough, after four months Holly was snuggling in my son's lap and playing with his big dog. I still have more to learn about this feisty little bundle, and Liz is the one I can go to for answers.

Sue Spalding 6/22/2015

Hi Liz,

Just had to share these photos of Jackson on boulders at Macworth Island today-which he easily jumped on and off (much to my delight ). Thanks for showing me how to encourage him ;-)

Laurie Belden
Durham, Maine
Summer 2014

My dog, Brady and I recently completed Liz Langham's 10-week Charm School class and we are SO glad we did. When it began, Brady was only five months old and I wondered if it was too early to begin such a class. But it wasn't and Liz's wonderful teaching, coaching and individual attention really helped us in so many ways! Liz is incredibly gifted at what she does and her work and understanding of dogs, their behaviors and how we as humans, affect (or don't affect) those behaviors is a beautiful thing to watch and experience. We are looking forward to continuing more classes with Liz in the near future! If you are wanting a dog that can be "charming" in everyday situations, you absolutely must sign up for this class!

Mandy Schumaker and Brady (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)
Yarmouth, Maine
May 2014

Dear Liz-
We appreciate all of your good work too. There are many happier and better behaved dogs out there because of you and your associates.

Dr. Katie DVM 2014

I learned a lot watching you interact with the dogs. When you explained what you were doing and what the dog was actually thinking I could better understand the 'language of dog'. I could relax when I knew your watchful, intuitive eyes (even the ones in the back of your head) were on all the dogs. I felt confident you would intervene if necessary to make a situation flow smoothly, even in a group of unpredictable dogs.

Tori (and licks to you from Barkley)

I will continue to work with Meg on the things we learned and hope to catch up with you again in the new year. Despite the distance to you, I really appreciate your knowledge and techniques with the dogs, you know your stuff lady!

Mary -The Next Step Participant
December 2012

To add to our sadness Monday night is the last night of Tree Frog Farm puppy school with Liz Langham. What a great thing it was to find Liz!! Because of Liz's expert tutelage Maggie Rose is now on her way to being a well-behaved member of our family. Fortunately we are planning on attending Liz's next class Canine Good Citizen class, which starts in the fall. The 75 mile round trip from Bridgton to North Yarmouth is worth every mile and minute! -

Craig Whitaker
Aug 20, 2011

At the end of last summer, we adopted an adolescent rescue dog. We contacted Liz Harrison to help us with training and behavioral concerns. We have been dog owners for more than twenty years. Liz has been invaluable with her knowledge, help and support. She gave us much more training than "sit & stay." She helped us understand the psychology of a dog and owner. She came into our home every few weeks, assessed what we were doing with our dog, tweaked our actions, gave encouragement to us and our dog and helped us learn the next step. We highly recommend Liz at Tree Frog Farm.

Laurel Ladd & Luke Lockwood

We recently had a series of four puppy training sessions with our family and Liz Harrison, after finding Liz through the recommendation of a friend. Liz met with us in our home, which was a phenomenal perk -- primarily from the perspective of learning to work with your puppy in a "real" setting -- with all the distractions our puppy would encounter in everyday life. Our children participated, intermittently, and we also included our older dog in portions of some sessions.

Liz is patient, knowledgeable, and shows you first hand how to teach different behaviors and then works with you until you get it. She came prepared with a "lesson plan" to each session, which became the leave behind of what we could work on with our puppy on our own time. She also worked with us on ensuring we established and maintained independent relationships with our puppy and our older dog.

It was very easy to have Liz in our home, and having gone through other external training programs with our older dog, I believe the individualized approach at our home was much more successful. As with any training program, you do have to do your homework!

We would recommend Liz to anyone seeking individualized puppy training, or seeking to address problem behaviors with their dog(s).

Gretchen Span 3/12/2007
Liz, this is a pleasure to say. . .
At three months, our golden retriever puppy, Lilli, was an out-of-control “flying mountain lion”, leaping from surface to surface, unraveling the never ending toilet paper roll at every opportunity, chewing on everything in sight and, in all, giving us a major run for our money. What to do? Enter Liz Harrison. Calm and gentle, soft spoken and firm, Liz directed Lilli, using her effective training style of positive reinforcement. Her magic worked immediately! Within minutes, Lilli understood what she had to do. She needed to sit intently, respond to the next command and then delight in Liz’s ever present "YES!" And we learned too! With Liz by our side, she instructed us in the "how-to" to direct Lilli ourselves. We continue to connect with Liz for fine tuning our training program. At nine months, Lilli is a smart, spirited and responsive "good dog." Liz is the best!

George and Roberta (Bobbie) Gordon

Dear Liz, Rudy and Mr. Stuart,
Thank you for coming to our school and talking to us about agility and obedience. I learned that not all dogs get freaked out by sudden moves. I liked it when Rudy did a figure 8 around the jump! I want to teach my dog how to spin, and I want to see if he can do a figure 8 around a jump too!
Dear Liz,
Thank you for coming to our science class. I learned that if your dog doesn't do something close to what you want it to do, you don't click the clicker, and you don't give it treats. But when it does do something, you give it positive reinforcement. i liked when Rudy did the figure 8 on the posts.
Dear Liz, Rudy and Stuart,
Thank you for coming to our school to tell us about what you do. I learned that when a dog does something wrong, you don't say bad dog, you just don't click the clicker. I liked when you did the jump with |Rudy. It was really fun and cool!
Dear Liz, Rudy and Stuart,
Thank you for coming to talk to the Canine Group. I learned that you don't just teach agility, and I know how hard it is to get an eight month old dog to get its paw on a Tonka truck. Rudy and Stuart are very cute. I liked how Rudy jumped in a figure 8.

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