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For the following classes please click on image FMI. Check the calendar for class dates and times. All classes start with an Orientation Class. You can not enter midstream.

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Puppy Class

Family Dog Class

Hybrid Version

Charm School

The Next Step

Confident Canine

Agility: Classes due to start in May and early June. Please check google calendar (see above) for updates; Private lessons available now.
If you have any questions about your level, please email Cindy at cinzep@maine.rr.com and for all the latest information, you can also join the K9-1-1 Agility yahoo group at k9-1-1agility@yahoogroups.com.

Foundations for Agility
Build a strong foundation of training to prepare your dog for safe agility. Ground work involving: rear-end awareness, handler and dog attention, introduction to different surfaces, motion, jumps, tunnels, and low equipment. Warning: This class is based on teaching a strong foundation of skills. Here at Tree Frog Farm, safety comes first. Competition height equipment requires dog comfort and confidence. We take it slowly. It takes time to do it right. Previous training class experience recommended. Mainly on leash.

Advanced Beginner Agility
We have moved from the ground-work of agility to setting guidelines on full equipment protocols like: learning and maintaining contact criteria. Handlers will be introduced to strategies that will help to communicate with your dog. Small sequences will be practiced, while incorporating handling strategies. In addition, the teeter and weave poles will be introduced. We will do more off-leash work.

Intermediate Agility
Weave pole and teeter work, plus proofing obstacles. Sequences of 8-10 obstacles will be common. Dog and handler teams will work one at a time. Having a down/stay is encouraged so the dogs can have something to do while the handler is walking the course. The other option is to bring a crate, tether him, or have him in the car.

Novice Competition Agility
Dog and handler teams will run full sequences and handling will be fine-tuned. That being said, there are many ways to run a course, options will be discussed. Except for warm-up, teams will take turns running the sequence and waiting teams are encouraged to watch. Having a down/stay is encouraged so the dogs can have something to do while the handler is walking the course. the sequence and waiting teams are encouraged to watch. Having a down/stay is encouraged so the dogs can have something to do while the handler is walking the course.

Dog Agility at TTF - 5 weeks - $125
At Mainely Agility in Raymond - 5 weeks - $130

Private Agility Lessons
: $35/half-hour TFF
$40/half-hour Raymond

Private lessons with handler and dog
$90/hr, $20/15 min after first hour. A minimum addition of $5 is added for travel. Travel is $1/mile (example- if client lives 13 miles away, $13 is added to the first hour.)
Private lessons are great for people with variable work schedules, reactive dogs, full family involvement, perfecting handling techniques, behavior modification, etc. Private lessons are also a wonderful compliment to any training class (see the hybrid version, for instance).

Private lessons without handler (one on one)
$70/hr plus mileage. $65/hr if two or more lessons/week
Some dogs need a little extra guidance from a handler that is familiar and comfortable working around distractions for instance. One-on-one lessons mix-up work with play, to give the dog a break from intensive training. One-on-one training is meant to occur at least two times/week. The owner of the dog is briefed and shown the techniques his dog is learning, weekly. Frequent dog participants have been: puppies whose family works during the day. Reactive dogs, who need to get exposed, safely, and frequently to triggers in order to counter condition and desensitize the dog to those triggers. Dogs in need of confidence building through training and games,, if the handler is unable to participate in the learning. Dogs, whose owners are older and unable to repeat training techniques frequently enough for the dog to learn the techniques. And finally, one-on-one dog agility to help keep the dog mentally stimulated throughout a busy work week.

Thanks for a great beginner class. I feel like Beau and I moved ahead through relationship building that could have taken many more months without the focus you lent to my work with him.

I contacted a number of trainers for "interviews", and not only were you the first to call back; you offered helpful information and a confidence boost from that first call. I was nervous about how Beau's "issues" would play out in a class and felt like he already had many of the "basics". However, your suggestion we start at step one was right on. He is a more confident dog, looks to me more often for direction, and thus is more calm in new situations. I love working with him and appreciate that what he and I learned in class gives a great foundation to build on. I am looking forward to the "next step" classes next month; and agility in the spring.

Teaching people physical things and sequences can be challenging. You do it in such a way that I never saw anyone feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. I have worked with other dogs and read tons of books, but working with your feedback was fun, and effective. Finally, you managed to be present for everyone and knew the characteristics of their dogs. When someone was having an issue you somehow managed to keep teaching the class while coaching the handler. I did not expect so much personal attention and very much appreciated it.

Thanks again for a great class.
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