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Liz Langham, MS, CPDT

Liz Langham, MS, CPDT, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT.org) and a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT.com). She is the owner of Tree Frog Farm Dog Training and Agility, a business located in North Yarmouth, Maine. She successfully helps people understand their dogs behaviors through guidance, training, and even some moral support. Liz has been training dogs since 1994.

Despite going to graduate school for horticulture, Liz found her niche in training dogs. This was not part of the plan, this is what came naturally. Liz is intuitive, observant, a natural with dogs, and good with people. “My goal as a trainer, is to help people better understand the whys of dog behavior. With this knowledge and a strong foundation of training, relationship and leadership, a strong and fulfilling bond can be shaped between owner and dog.”

"My passion is in helping a family shape the relationship with their dog through training, understanding, and practice.” Despite her absolute love of dog agility, her priority is toward keeping a dog with its forever family. Dog ownership is a commitment and the more a mutual relationship is built between dog and human the more likely all beings will adjust to the expectations of the household.

Dogs don’t come to us knowing our language and many of us don’t know theirs. Dog learn by doing and getting reinforced for it. Liz believes the more a dog is rewarded for appropriate behaviors the more those behaviors will happen (the basis of positive reinforcement training).

Liz has helped train numerous breeds of dogs from all 7 AKC groups, mixed breeds and rescues. She teaches group classes and private lessons for puppies, rescues, and adult dogs. Liz believes in building a strong foundation of training to teach the behaviors necessary to have a nice companion dog. Liz also teaches and competes in dog agility. In addition, she has dabbled in herding, both ducks and sheep. She has also wrangled dogs for catalog photo shoots.

In addition to her 3 wonderful children, Liz has 2 dogs, Rudy, the Australian cattle dog (a rescue from ACD.org) and Peeper, an Australian shepherd. They all enjoy the company of 1 guinea pig, 1 cat, and 11 chickens.

  • AS in Animal Agriculture Technology (The University of Maine)
  • BS in Sustainable Agriculture with an animal science concentration
  • MS in Horticulture, minor is qualitative sociology (Oregon State University)
  • And, is a Master Gardener

  • In addition, Liz has attended numerous dog related seminars:
  • Dog Behavior: Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Brenda Aloff, Leslie Nelson, Kelly Snyder and Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Chris Bach, and Sarah Kalnajs.
  • Agility: Stuart Mah and Pattie Hatfield, Nancy Gyes, Laurie Baker, Cindy Ratner, Anne Andrle, Elicia Calhoun, Mary Ellen Barry, and Susan Garrett

  • Living with Children
    Living with children and dogs requires specific management tools. Our children need to know how to properly interact with dogs and how to avoid inappropriate engagement. The caretaker in the family needs to understand why a puppy plays the way it does, why the running child makes the puppy more riled up, and why it is so much fun for a puppy to steal a beloved stuffed animal.

    Other Instructors

    Ros Arienti is one of our new Instructors. Ros has been training with positive training techniques for 20 years. Her philosophy is to reinforce the behaviors that you like so they will become stronger, ignoring the behaviors you do not like will make them disappear. After taking a few years off teaching training, Ros is excited to begin guiding dog owners again.
  • Master’s in Environmental Policy and Biology
    Thesis, Predator Ecology and Management, reviewed the biology and conservation of coyotes and wolves
  • Attend Operant Conditioning & Behavior Analysis Workshops (aka as Chicken Camp) with Marian & Bob Bailey
  • Seminars with: Leslie Whitney, Stuart Mah and Pattie Hatfield, Laurie Baker, Cindy Ratner, Anne Andrle, Elicia Calhoun, Mary Ellen Barry, , Susan Garrett, Jen Pinder,
  • John Rogerson Instructor Clinics
  • Harvard University Extension Cognitive Dog – Savage or Savant

  • Ros worked at the Maine Wildlife Park, caring for the animals and organizing education programs for school students and the public. During that time, she had the opportunity to work with a variety of native Maine wildlife from mountain lions to pine martens from eagles to saw whet owls. In particular, she raised a litter of coyote pups observing the differences in development of those pups and domestic dogs. Currently, during the academic year, she teaches Anatomy & Physiology and Biology at a community college. At other times of the year, Ros, a Registered Maine Guide, instructs kayaking, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and other outdoor activaties to people of all ages.

    She shares her home with four Belgian Tervurens, Reeta (a breed and agility champion with titles in herding as well), Reeta’s son Jukka (who is working towards his championship in both arenas), her daughter Ingalil (just four months old), and Knut (well, Knut is Knut). Breeding Tervurens has given Ros an opportunity to study development and behavior of puppies.

    Laurie Wood is one of our Instructors. Laurie has been assisting classes at Tree Frog Farm on-and-off for 4 years. She is working towards her Certified Professional Dog Training certification (CPDT). Laurie has owned various mixed-breed rescues. For one, Maddie, CGC, her Rottie mix, is now excelling in agility training with Laurie's daughter. In addition, she has her first intentionally bred labrador retriever that just turned 1 year old. Laurie has learned a tremendous amount about dog behavior through the variety of dogs she has owned and worked with over the past 12 years. I feel fortunate that she wants to apply her training and abiltities to teaching others about dog training and behavior. Laurie taught English at the High School level for over 10 years. She is now the Vice Principal at a local High School in Southern Maine.

    Cindy Ratner is one of our agility instructors. She has had dogs since birth and has been training and competing with her dogs since the 1980's. Her training emphasizes relationship, communication, and foundation. She is known for being very clear and motivational with her instruction and for holding classes that are relaxed, yet challenging. Her goal is to provide flexible instruction so as to meet the needs of the hobbyist as well as those of the serious competitor.

    Cindy has lived with and/or trained dogs from every group, including mix-breeds and rescues. Her dogs have competed in and hold numerous titles in agility and obedience, have dabbled in herding and conformation, have modeled for print ads, and television commercials and have done therapy work. Her dogs have had several national and regional top ten rankings in multiple sports. Her Shetland Sheepdog, Shane, has not only earned the coveted ADCh or Agility Dog Champion title, but was on the podium at the 2005 USDAA National Championships placing 3rd in the Veteran's Grand Prix at the age of 13. She currently competes in agility with her two Border Collies, Page & BAM!, and is training her first terrier, Jonesy.

    Cindy was bitten (pun intended) by the training bug while spending childhood summers hanging around her aunt's obedience school. She has been an instructor since the late 1980's when she taught both pet and competition obedience for Vacationland Obedience Training Club. She has conducted therapy groups for special-needs individuals with dog phobias and designed a self-awareness program for at-risk teens using dog behavior, training, and husbandry as a model. She currently teaches agility classes and seminars and offers private instruction in agility, pet obedience, and does behavioral consultations.

    Cindy lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband, Jim, her son, Eli (when he is not away at college) and her daughter, Delaney, who is also an accomplished agility competitor. They share their home with 4 dogs and one very tolerant kitty, Mabel.

    Tree Frog Farm is a place to have fun and challenge yourself and your dog. We strive to maximize learning while keeping the atmosphere relaxing. Despite the growing trend of competitive agility, Tree Frog Farm puts the companion dog first. Our goal is to give our busy dogs a job. In addition, agility provides a nice alternate outing for the dog and owner. Set in lovely North Yarmouth, ME, Tree Frog Farm conserves and protects the natural wildlife environment while encouraging wildlife habitat, breeding ground, and conservation. In fact it is not uncommon for Liz to bring her binoculars down to the agility field so class participants can take a moment to observe an American bittern frogging.
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